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We were treated excellent by the desk in the front and all of the employees. Also, the management was very efficient and caring.
Curt Williams
Great Staff, Wonderful Rehab Facility, Caring Nurses and a Business Office that’s Interested and Helpful with the needs of the Patient and Family.
John Mitchell
Very friendly staff who care! CNA's do a terrific job, and the Care Team works with you to ensure your loved one is receiving appropriate treatment. DeAnna, the Nurse Med Manager, helped work through some medication errors that were made in the hospital which greatly aided my father, and I cannot thank her enough. The food at SunnyBrook is wonderful! The chef made sure to see that my father's food was perfectly prepared to suit his semi-solid diet, and every meal was delicious. Facility could use some updating but they make every effort to ensure your loved one is cozy and comfortable.
Erin Ireland
From the time I walked into this facility til the time I walked out, I did a lot of observing. From the receptionist, Atina, to the office mngr.,Raymond, to the cna's, two of which were Odette,and Linda, to the speech therapist, the physical therapist,the RN's (Jerri AND Judith Barnes come to mind)and even the housekeeping, I saw everyone working as quickly and as well as you would find in the best of facilities. I and my family were treated with respect and dignity and as much care as they could give. Any time I called to anyone for help ,they were there as soon as possible. I could not ask for more. Patients, were attended to as their needs arose. thank you for taking good care of my brother, not once but twice. Judith Mowbray Lavista
judith lavista
My Mom went here after a long illness. The care she received was great! Thankful for Sunnybrook and their staff. She loved the food and physical therapy! 5 stars!
Grant Staubs
I was so pleased with the care that I received at Sunnybrook. The facility is clean and well maintained. The staff works very hard to make sure that the patient’s needs are met in a timely fashion. The PT/OT staff is very attentive to each individual’s limitations and work to help the patients reach their goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Sunnybrook!
Judith A Roe
My mom was at Sunnybrook rehab for almost two years I loved it and she loved it she called it home. The staff is great and friendly. The ladies in the business office was spectacular they went above and beyond with any questions I may have had. I really do miss seeing them everyday, and so does my mom. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate all of you. Go Danielle and Kristen. Thanks for always making everything so easy.
Tosha Kelly
My third time here. I requested to return here again when I needed physical therapy and rehab. Excellent and thorough staff and program. I would recommend Sunnybrook to anyone.
Fred Hight, III
First and foremost, i am not now or have ever been affiliated with thIs one is breaking my arm or paying me any money to post this review. I was a patient here for about 3 weeks to gain strength and mobility back from a heart procedure. Have nothing but good words and praise for everyone. Wish i could remember and mention everyones name...Ms Andrea, Ms Anna,Ms Dee Dee.....are just a few. Always a smile from the entire staff,not only the nurses...i mean everyone.My deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone at this facility that i had the pleasure of meeting./ Johanna RM 59
Johanna Tweer
Mother resigns here
Eugene Davis
There are many people
Josh McCall
Great facility!
Lindsay Gossett
I am the Activity Director at Sunnybrook Rehabilitation Center and I can honestly say that I have never worked with a better team and a more caring family. And yes I consider everyone in this facility to be my family. The amount of compassion and care that the staff show throughout the day is tremendous. We have such a wonderful therapy team and nursing staff and it shows in our residents. I would honestly recommend my family to stay here at this facility.
Karla Ambrose
What a wonderful facility full of great folks. You can feel the team-spirit at this facility and see the great care that is delivered to the residents. They have a Wake Med physician on site 5 to 6 days a week and available by phone 24 hours per day. Sunnybrook Rehabilitation Center is just across the street from Wake Med Hospital which means you are moments away should an acute episode arise. If you need short-term or long-term care, Sunnybrook Rehabilitation Center is the place to be in the Raleigh area.
Michael Zomchek
I have had a family member who was here for 4 months and the care she received was wonderful!! She enjoyed the nursing staff as well as the rehab staff. Eric was her favorite!!
Danielle Morgan
I absolutely love working at Sunnybrook. To see the heart and compassion of our staff caring for our elders every day is truly remarkable. Our rehab staff is amazing and perform miracles daily in the lives of many affected by stroke and paralysis. It is a pleasure to serve the needs of our community.
Beth Holland
I would just like to say that my experience here at Sunnybrook has been a pleasure the staff is very warm and kind to the patients and the social worker has helped me get from the beginning to the end she has worked with the staff here helping to get things posted on the outside so that my transition will be smooth the social worker Miss Allison has stuck by my side through thick and thin even on weekends she's had to come in to try and help me out so I'm very thankful to staff your son
James Branch
Love this place. Warm caring staff with family like atmosphere. Numerous services available on site. Knowledgeable clinical staff. Would recommend facility to anyone
Cathy Revels
Danielle and Randy are phenomenal! My grandmother was a patient for a brief time this past summer and the staff enjoyed her. They took great care of her.
Shannon DeBruhl
My Dad was here for a few weeks after being hit by a car - his recovery went well, and quicker than expected. the therapy staff is great and got me back on my feet.
Jim Web